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(New Download!) Jungle
Where Elephants Die
Promise Changed
Lack of Change
Not A Test
Diana; 20th Century Earth Princess
No Need to Bleed
Say to That
Bonus Track!

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Virgil Byrd:
all voices, acoustic guitar, saxophone, flute

Julia Thro:
electric guitar

David Burke:
drums & percussion

Carl Cook:
bass guitar

Executive Producers: Virgil Byrd & Randy Schultz

All songs written and produced by Virgil Byrd

"Not a Test" written by Julia Thro - produced by Virgil Byrd

"Where Elephants Die" recorded with
Tom Thomas, drums; Rob Duckworth, guitar; John Miles, bass.

Thanks to: Paco Trombone, John Miles, Briana Houston,
Sylva Management L.T.D., R.D., Cami McElroy, Dan Rather, CBS News,
J.F. live recordings Lake Edun, KS
West End Recording, Kansas City, Missouri 913.362.2066
Engineered by Bart Biechele
Mandy Thomas - Production Assistant

All Rights Reserved © MM
V.L.B. Publications 816.931.8658
I.A.C.R.L. Management fax: 816.471.8384

Cover by Visual Future

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